Welcome to Cross Stitch Felicity

Welcome to Cross Stitch Felicity. Felicity is a range of happiness; from contentment to extreme joy. That is how cross stitching makes me feel. Contented to work on an old friend, the extreme joy of finally finishing and the happy almost gleeful feeling to run through your stash to figure out what the next stitch will be for your enjoyment.

Whether you work on one project at a time or have multiple works in process, Cross Stitch Felicity is focused on bringing the items you cannot find in the big box store stitching aisle to you. I believe cross stitch is a form of art. The stitcher is creating art with a needle and thread.

Help me bring the joy of stitching to your home. Let’s create a beautiful piece of artwork from the fabulous designer charts, the colorful hand-dyed floss and the many hues of Aida and linens that are available.